Much of what the ancient Greeks ate and drank was decided by their religious beliefs. Some foods were eaten because it was thought that they were favorites of a god that they worshipped. Meat was never eaten unless it was sacrificed or hunted down. They did not believe in raising animals for food. Fish and seafood were the most popular, along with grapes, olives and figs. Wheat was grown to make breads and cakes. Lentils, peas, and beans were also grown. Ancient Greek food was cooked by various techniques. Meat was roasted on a spit or sometimes boiled. Ovens were used for baking bread and cakes. Grapes were used to make home-made wine, which was usually diluted with water. Goats were raised only for their milk and the milk was used only to make cheese. The ancient Greeks ate with their hands and sometimes used bread to scoop their food. Dinner parties were often held for the males only. Women were not allowed to attend.