Historical Conflicts and History summary

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Historical enemies

  • Japanese
The Japanese were enemies of Vietnam because they invaded Vietnam during World War II and stole their bases.
  • Chinese
China founded the Country of Vietnam in 111B.The Chinese ruled the Vietnamese People for 700 years. The people of Vietnam became tired of the Chinese rule and revolted against their mother Nation. This act made them bitter enemies.
  • French
France became enemies of Vietnam in when they colonized it in the 1800's. Later on Imperial Japan pushed the French out. The French tried to recolonize the area but failed due to a war. This left the French as an enemy.
  • United States
The United States became enemies of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The U.S. supported the South so this added to the tension. The U.S. were enemies of the North due to the fact that they were French allies and also South Vietnam allies.(France and South Vietnam fixed their differences). The U.S wanted to stop all of Vietnam from becoming a communist Nation so thats why they sided with the South instead of the North.
  • Cambodia
Cambodia was invaded by the Vietnamese, making them an enemy.

As of today Vietnam has reconsilled with their past enemies. They are all friends and have resolved their issues.

Flag and its Significance

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