Battle Name
404 BC to 396 BC
Battle of Veii
Etruscan city-state of Veii
Roman Republic Vs. Etruscan city-state of Veii
After the Expullsion of the Etruscan Monarchy there were still independent Etruscan city-states near Rome with their own leaders. The capital among them was the city of Veii. The city-states and the Roman Republic were both growing rapidly and were located to close together not to have any conflicts.
  • Roman Republic victory.
  • Gained all the Etruscan valubles.
  • Stopped Roman and Etruscan conflict.
390 BC
Battle at Allia River
Allia River near Rome
Roman Republic Vs. The Gauls
The Gauls, which were Germanic tribes, came to Italy looking for loot. They attacked the Romans at the Allia river by suprise and they didnt have time to react. The Gauls outnumbered the Romans which led to them panicking and then fleeing leaving Rome for the Gauls until the Romans bribed the Gauls to leave with gold.
  • One of the most embarrassing Roman defeats
  • City of Rome destroyed
  • Romans built the Servian Wall around the Vunerable city of Rome
Sept. 2nd 31 BC
Naval Battle of Actium
The Gulf of Ambracia
Octavian Vs. Marc Antony (Western Roman Emperor) (Eastern Roman Emperor) and Cleopatra (queen of Egypt)
After the fall of the Roman Republic Marc Antony became Emperor for the East and Octavian for the West Roman Empires. marc Antony married Octavians sister but still shared his love for Cleopatra. Octavian wanted a reason to declare war on Antony to reign alone even though they were supposed friends, so he convicted Antony because a document he found (that he probably forged) that said Antony was going to give Cleopatra Roman lands. in 32 BC when Antony and Cleopatra started sailing Northwest to Ephesus where they wintered Octavian sailed to the East with his navy stopping them at Dalmatia. Right away Antony offered battle between his army and Octavians but he refused knowing Antony was a better commander. Meanwhile Octavians right hand man was closing off the Gulfs entrance and surrounding Antony. On September 2nd 31 the battle began at sea. Antony navy headed straight for the weak center of the closing Gulf enrance and only his and Cleopatra's ships made it out leaving Antony's navy behind who surrendered to Octavian.
  • This win for Octavian led to him eventually defeating Antony
  • Led to Octavian Reiging alone
  • Was important to Italy's and Egypts future
Aug. 24th 410 AD
Sack of Rome
Western Empire Vs. Visigoths
The Visigoths, (a Germanic tribe) led by Alaric, were angered at the fact that they were being taken advantage of by the East and West Roman Empires moved South through Itay toward Rome. Once they arrived they immidiately laid siege on Rome which eventually caused Rome starvation. The senate tried to bribe the goths to leave with gold but Alaric wanted more. He wanted Roman lands for his Visigoths to call home and wanted generalship in the Roman Army. After being denied this he ordered his troops in on Aug. 24 410 to sack Rome. They looted for three days and then left.
  • Romans moving the West Empire capital from Milan to Ravenna
  • Led to the fall of the Western Empire
  • Rome destroyed
March 30th 1282 AD
Sicilian Vespers
Sicilian Vespers Vs. Charles I (French king of Sicily)
During Easter Monday on March 30th 1282 at the start of Vespers something hapened at the church of the Holy Spirit in Palermo between French soldiers and Sicilian citizens that sparked a rebelian. The uprising of this is not known for certain but most have something to do with the French soldiers messing around with the Sicilian wifes and then the husbands reacting to it with agression. What ever caused it within six weeks thousands of sicily's French inhabitants were massacred along with their wifes and children, and now the Kingdom of Sicily belonged to the Sicilians.
  • Kicked France out of Sicily
  • Thousands of Frenchmen dead
1914 to 1918
World War I

Axis Power Vs.Allies
Italy joined War I on the Allies side because of land that was to be given to them if the Allies won
  • Allies won
  • Italy was not given all the land they were promised
1940 to 1943
Worl War II

Axis Power Vs. Allies
Italy joined the War on the Axis Power in 1940 joining sided with Germany and Japan. Italy under their leader Benito Mussolini wanted to control the land around the Mediterranean Sea again and call themselves the New Roman Empire. Italy was attacked by the U.S in Sicily and had to surrender in 1943.
  • Axis power lost
  • Mussolini was killed
  • Italy switched sides to the Allies