Australia's Conflicts

  • Australia does not have many conflicts of it's own, but does get involved in South-East Asia's conflicts such as the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960) and the Indonesian Confrontation (1963-1966).
  • Australia does indeed have a military and these different conflicts were a large part of their history.
  • Australia was also involved in the Vietnam War (1962-1972) as well.
  • Many of the conflicts Australia was involved in were connected in some way causing Australia to take part in another conflict.
  • The communist guerrillas and the British Commonwealth forces were the two sides that took place in the Malayan Emergency which included Australians.
  • The British government was "slow" and indecisive to act after World War II, so that caused some raucous. That caused the Malayan Emergency. The Australians in the conflict sided with the British Commonwealth forces. The Australians also sided with them in them in the Indonesian Confrontation, but those were the last times that they did.
  • In the Indonesian Confrontation, the conflict was between Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Malaysia got it's independence from Britain in this conflict in 1957 in the Indonesian Confrontation.